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Joseph Donnantuoni

Certified Medicaid Planner

Delivering fully updated tools and techniques for your successful plan.

If you have more than the Asset and Income limits without planning it will be more than a struggle to get approved.

Joseph offers a free consultation no matter which State you live in. Find out if you can be helped whether you wish to pre-plan and get to use the rules to protect your assets and income or if you or your loved one is in a crisis to do that same.

Your Challenges

Our Solutions

Be Good to Yourself and Get Planning

Financial: Don’t be side tracked by myths about who can get approved for Medicaid Planning regarding public assistance for long term care. Long term care assistance is a separate federal program and it is not regular Medicaid.
Agility: Joseph will meet with you and keep shepherding your application using phone, email and fax and zoom.
Competitive advantage: When you use Joseph he is not working alone. Joseph is aligned not only with directly retaining another CMP™ on your case for double eyes on everything but he has a network of Elder Law Attorneys to refer you to for Trusts, POAs, and real estate deed matters. Joseph has the tools and techniques: Example one: Does your family contend that your IHSS hours are too little? Joseph when hired will get the hours increased because of very specific experience and facts no matter what the age is of the patient.

Higher quality and better performance: Joseph is a former NASD ( now FINRA ) Examiner of Broker Dealers and he is a current active FINRA arbitrator, chairperson qualified. He has worked on Wall Street in NYC and on the 110th floor of the WTC that was once there. Joseph was an Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction Branch Manager with a FINRA broker dealer for 10 years and personally assisted over 4500 Seniors with their assets in accounts that they placed with him. He has also been life insurance licensed and active with that since 2004. He knows what your assets are and how to apply his CMP™ work; he is approved as a Health Agent in multiple States for the Federally Facilitated Marketplace listed by his name and NPN number for 2023. Joseph currently holds a Real Estate License in Ca through 2027.

You Need a Guide

Decide to apply
If you can be helped you should apply.
Let’s use the most updated tools and techniques for planning
Be on Time
Any requests for information by Medicaid need to be answered fast.
To Stay in Compliance
Lets stay compliant after eligibility and approval.